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Google Digital Garage | Get Your Business Visible On Google

My friend was telling me about Google Digital Garage, that's opened in Edinburgh. If you've not heard about Google Digital Garage, it's a workshop that does programes on learning how to use the internet. I looked online, to see what programmes they had available. Am always curious, checking my blog statistics and the referring website. I find it really interesting how many views Google brings. I thought "Getting your business visible on Google" seemed the perfect programe to attend and learn more about. In the last month I've had 57 views from and 16 views from  

I headed along to Google Digital Garage, on Shandwick Place. I went in and said the programe I was attending, then I was told to take a seat. I was expectin the group to be really big, as it's new opened. The coach said there was meant to be 8 in our group, but it ended up just me and 2 others. 

It was interesting to find out about "test my site". Google can check the mobile speed, of your website. Also using the correct words and phrases, that's something I've become better at. When I first started of writing online I'd write "so this is this", now I try write more detail. I can say from watching my blog statistics I have seen the views from google double.   
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