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Jo Malone London | OUD And Bergamot Cologne

I’ve been spending my Sunday, planning trips I have coming up. My first trip this month, I head to the home of LEGO, Denmark (Copenhagen). I like to plan in advance what the transport is like from the airport to the City. I’ve been Googling how to get from Copenhagen Airport to the City and it’s showing, train, Metro or bus are the best options. However I’ve read you need to watch you don’t get the wrong train or you’ll land in Sweden. I didn’t think that was true, but Malmö in Sweden is only just over half an hour on the train from Copenhagen. Imagine telling people “I went to Copenhagen and accidentally landed in Sweden” haha. I plan to visit Nyhavn harbour, the famous colourful street. The Little Mermaid statue and the LEGO store. Denmark is the home of LEGO, so I’ll have to buy a LEGO souvenir.

It’s the second of December, so another advent calendar opening. It’s all about the Cologne’s yesterday was the “Orange Bitters”. Today I got the OUD and Bergamot Cologne. I’ve had the OUD and Bergamot Cologne before. It reminds me of the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon. They both have that intense scent. Elizabeth and James Bourbon has Oakwood and the Jo Malone Oud and Bergamot has OUD wood, so they both have that “wood”. It’s actually one of my favourite smell from Jo Malone. When am at Edinburgh Airport and pass Duty Free, I always spray a few sprays of this or the Lime Basil and Mandarin Cologne. The advent calendar, is a small 9ml size.
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