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Crown Promenade | Melbourne

I stayed in the Crown Promenade, in Melbourne while traveling Australia. We arrived at half past 5 in the morning and check in isn't till 3pm, so we dropped out suitcases off at the reception. I then headed to the hotel public toilet to change clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth and redo my makeup. My mum booked us to go to the Neighbours Tour, till we could check in. My advice is only go to the Neighbours Tour if you've not watched Neighbours. To this day I don't know who the Kennedy's are, but I was shown where they live on Ramsay Street.

We checked in at the reception and the woman said "oh it's your birthday" (I was wearing a birthday tiara and sash), then we were given room keys to the 22nd floor. I have heard hotels do things for your birthday, so I have no idea if we were given that room because I was wearing the birthday tiara and sash or if that was the room we were getting.  

The room was a twin room, with views looking onto the river and the high buildings. It was spacious , with a tv, long desk, sofa chair by the window and a shower room. It also helped the radio has USB ports, especially when you have many things to charge on holiday.     

The swimming pool - (not that I used it, but I put my feet in haha). 

These are photos I took, from the hotel room at night.

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