Jo Malone London | Orange Bitters Cologne

It’s December so am going to start by saying I started Danielle UK, just over a year ago and it’s had over 100,000 views. How crazy is that ? Who’d have thought that many people would stop by ?. It was getting nearer, so I set myself a target to get to 100,000 before New Year. It was nice waking up to 100,000 page views. I’ve noticed the views go up dramatically. since I wrote about traveling. You may see some more travel posts coming soon, as I have a few trips planned this month. Also I was given a gift card last year and I have felt guilty, not being able to use it and I wouldn’t want to waste the persons money. Today I finally used up the card and got a Nando’s (lemon and herb chicken, peri peri chips and peas, incase you’re wondering haha). 

Am going to be showing you what’s in the Jo Malone Advent Calendar, everyday until Christmas Eve. Starting of with the first of December, (today) I got Orange Bitters Colone. I found it really strong, which could be all in the name of “bitters”.. I think it would smell nice on a man. Jo Malone is unisex, but I would say this is the man scent. I’d maybe wear this if I was heading somewhere and wanted the smell to last. I find the stronger Jo Malone scents, last longer. 

The advent calendar Orange Bitters Cologne is 9ml, so it’s a perfect size for traveling in hand luggage. 
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