York Shopping Haul

If you’ve never been to York and love chocolate, you’ll love York. There is soo many chocolate shops in York, to choose from. As it was my first time visiting York I visiting the famous tourist York’s Chocolate Story and picked up chocolate with “York’s Chocolate Story” on it. I then headed to Roly’s fudge and got a few different kinds of fudge. My friend Jasmine went into Lush and got things. I didn’t plan on buying anything, but after watching Jasmine pick up up things, it made me want to buy a few things. I ended up spending £38 in Lush. 

What I bought : 

York’s Chocolate Story 
Salted caramel milk chocolate 
Caramel milk chocolate 
Peach raspberry and white chocolate

Roly’s Fudge 
Vanilla fudge 
Honey comb 

Snow Fairy naked body conditioner 
Snow Fairies naked shower gel
Candy bubble brush
Rainbow soap
Satsuma soap

Roly’s fudge is soo nice, so I’ll need to go back to York and get more. I’ll review the Lush products later.
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