London Shopping Haul

The one thing I have learned while traveling, is back packs are handy. Your hands are free and your can fit a lot in a back pack. The down side is, they aren’t ideal for edible souvenirs. I had my camera in my back pack and the movement of my walking, must have been bashing the Harrods chocolate. It was still edible, it just didn’t Harrods perfection. 

I know before I flew with Ryan Air I was worried about the personal item size. The back pack I bought for traveling, is slightly bigger than Ryan Air personal item size. I bought a few things in London, so am going to show you what I bought. It will be a fun way to show, how much you can really fit under the seat (take as your personal item). 

What I bought :

LEGO VIP poly bag *free with over £75 spend
Laduree Macaroons 
Harrods chocolate 

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