LEGO Mosaic

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as LEGO ? If you didn’t know my website before, chances are you’ve probably landed here googling “LEGO Mosaic”. I got my LEGO Mosaic, at Leicester Square Store in London. I thought it would be fun, to share my experience of the LEGO Mosaic.

I headed into the LEGO store and went up stairs. The Mosaic maker is beside the tills. I went to the tills and asked if I could buy the LEGO Mosaic and paid. 

I then went over to the Mosaic Maker. There was no one waiting, so it was nice not feeling rushed or awkward getting my photo. There was a worker watching it. She was really nice and said it takes 3 photos, but she could reset it as many times as I wanted. It’s set the same as a passport machine, except they have a little LEGO figure where the camera is. It looks funny, like the little LEGO man is taking your photo. The first set of photos I done 3 different poses. I didn’t think it looked like “me”. The second set of photos, I was more happier with. The worker offered to reset it again, but I didn’t want to risk it incase I didn’t get as good photo. 

I clicked the photo I liked. It gave me options to filter it. The photo looked different each filter, I clicked on. I opted for the original photo, although am not sure how how LEGO has my face gray and I have a lighter colour forehead ? Haha. Also I have 1 black LEGO on my lip.

It was fun doing the LEGO Mosaic. It’s not something you can do everyday. It costs £99.99 for the LEGO Mosaic. It is expensive for what it is, but I think when it’s something you can’t get somewhere it’s worth the money. 

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