Kilmainham Gaol | Dublin

If am ever looking for ideas, I can always rely on my friend Jasmine to come up with things to do. She’s also my fashion stylist haha. She found the back pack I liked for traveling. When I told Jasmine I booked Dublin, she asked what I had planned. I said no idea, Guinness ? She came back with a list of ideas. One of them was Kilmainham Gaol. If you’ve never heard of “Gaol”, it’s an old jail museum. As I visited Melbourne Gaol, I was interested to see Dublin Gaol. I looked on the website, there was set time slots and some fully booked. I was booked for the Guinness Store House for 11am, so the nearest time slot I could make was 1:45pm. 

Kilmainham Gaol is really strict. There was security on the door. I walked up and showed my booking on my phone. One of the security told me to follow him to a room, where others in the group were waiting. Once everyone in the group arrived we had to stand in a line and show our booking to the tour guide. Before the tour began, you are warned it’s a 1 hour tour. If you need to leave early, they’ll radio for someone to come and walk you back. We went through all the jail sections and got told about all the history. It was like the tour guide was tuned to something. He didn’t have an ear piece or anything on. Every time he gave a story of the history he’d stop and have a moment on silence, then start up again. Sometimes we can forget things, though he done it throughout the whole tour. He just seemed to stop and say “hold on a minute”. It was like someone was feeding him information, then he’d start talking again. The main hall reminded me of Melbourne Gaol. Kilmainham Gaol is interesting to see, if you like Gaols and into history. I personally liked Melbourne Gaol better, you could walk round yourself. Dublin Gaol is a guided tour, you’re in a group at all times. 
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