IKEA Home Haul

Last weekend I headed to IKEA, to get a TV stand. I don’t like too much furture in room, as it looks crammed. So I’ve been unsure to put my tv on a wall, or get a stand. I seen a photo on Instagram, of a white tv stand. It inspired me to head to IKEA and get a white TV stand.

I love finding unique things, that you don’t see in other shops. One of my favourite sweets in America is Swedish Fish. I saw bags of “Orginal Swedish Fish”, so I had to buy to try them. They taste the exact same, but I have to say my favourite is the bag of all red. The IKEA ones are assorted.

Products : 

2 artificial plants 
Orange Diam
Apple Candle
Vanilla Ice Cream Candle
Peaches and Orange potpourri 
Vanilla ice Cream potpourri 
IKEA Lack TV stand

My TV stand is too big to fit in this photo, so I may show it later. You might aswell say you got a new LEGO Set, when it comes to building IKEA flat packs. Following the instructions, I felt like I was building LEGO haha. 
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