1 Day Itinerary | London

The day after visiting Dublin, I headed to London. I hadn’t visited London in a few years. After I found a cheap flight with Ryan Air I decided to be a tourist and head to London. I acted like a tourist and searched “London” on Instagram. I saw on Instagram photos of macaroons at a shop called Laduree, so I knew I wanted to visit there. The LEGO store in London has a photo mosaic. I thought if I go to London, am going to get my LEGO face mosaic haha. I looked on google maps and planned out a route.

The flight was at 06:50, so I got to the airport for 5am. Then I wandered around the airport. I went to Bar Burrito and got a sausage in a roll and a drink. There wasn’t many people with hand luggage suitcases, so I think that helped the plane take of in time. I would say the 07:50am plane, was more a work commute plane. It landed on time and I was booked to get the National Express buss for 08:45. I headed to find the buses and wait for the bus. I choose National Express bus, as I’d used them before. It was my first time traveling to London myself, so I opted to use National Express again. I think I forgot how long the journey is from Stansted to London. It’s safe to say the flight is quicker, than the bus journey. It’s over an hour from Stansted into London. 

I got of the bus at Baker Street, then I made my way to Harrods. It was about half an hour walk, so I headed through Hyde Park acting like a tourist. As I hadn’t been to London in a few years, I used Google maps to find my way to Harrods. Whenever I visited Harrods, I loved getting the chocolate that has Harrods on it as a souvenir. I headed to the food section in Harrods and got some Harrods chocolate. 

After visiting Harrods I headed to Laduree. Laduree is actually part of Harrods, so you can cut through or come in from their own door they have. They had soo many nice colours and flavours. Laduree are expensive macaroons, but it’s not like I can buy them everyday. The nearest store to me online, shows London. I went for the box of 6 for £14. 

On my way to Leicester Square, I decided to play the tourist and stop for a photo outside Buckingham Palace. Am sure I have photos, back when I was 14 standing outside Buckingham Palace haha. When I tried crossing the road one of the Royals went by in a car (Eugenie or Beatrice). 

I found my way to Leicester Square and headed into LEGO Store. I did actually redo my makeup, thinking I better redo my makeup for my photo (not that LEGO could pick up on makeup haha). It was actually quite fun. You get 3 shots, but the worker said she could reset it, as many times as I wanted. I done 6 photos, before I was happy with my photo. The LEGO box is bigger than Ryan Air personal item size, so I was worried about getting it on the plane home. I did have a plan, if it was too big. As there’s 4 small boxes, I planned to take them out and break the box. Lucky it fitted under the seat.

I then headed to the M&M store. I love the M&M store in New York, as they always have different flavours. I was disappointed in the London one. It’s the same ones you can buy in shops, but the colours are separated. They did have a MINI car in store, so I had to get my photo. 

I stopped for Lunch at Shake Shack in Leicester Square. The vanilla milkshakes are the best in Shake Shack. I ordered a hotdog, cheese n chips and a vanilla milkshake. 

I then walked along Oxford Street and Bond Street, before making my way back to catch the bus back to the airport. 

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