Black Friday Shopping Haul

Black Friday is a good time to shop, if you’re planning on buying new things. Although saying that you can buy something and it could be cheaper other times of the year, exactly what happened to me. Some major shops have a percentage of everything. I have been looking for a jacket to wear, traveling to a few places around Europe. I’ll be heading next week, so it will be cold. I bought UGG boots in Australia and I haven’t worn them yet, so I’ll make use of them and wear my UGG boots for the first time next week. 

I came across a puffa jacket on Hollister website a few days before Black Friday, at £89. Hollister always have a sale on everything on Black Friday and Boxing Day, so I held off buying it. I checked the website on Black Friday and everything was 25% off. The jacket was £89, down to £66.75. I quickly bought it. Then on Cyber Monday I saw an advert on Facebook, all Hollister jackets is on sale. I was curious what the Cyber Monday price was, so I clicked the website. The jacket I ordered, was on the Hollister home page. It was reduced to £42.72. Mine hadn’t even arrived yet and it was £24 cheaper. I cancelled the order, I done on Black Friday and reordered the jacket on Cyber Monday. It worked out in the end, as I got the jacket slightly more than half price. 

Every Black Friday (weekend) Glossier had 20% off everything on their website. I can’t recommend enough Glossier enough. I visited the Glossier Showroom in New York and bought a few products to to try. I am guilty to say I own most of the skin care and makeup range. I’ve always wanted the “Glossier sweatshirt” but held off buying it, as I thought £50 seemed expensive for what it was. I basically live in jumpers and leggings, where as the Glossier top looks like a top you’d get away with wearing in the summer here. When I got the email Glossier was doing 20% off all weekend, I knew I was going to buy it. £40 seemed a better deal. I also had £30 credit on my Glossier account, so I decided to buy 2 of the new matte lipsticks and the mascara. If you’ve never bought from Glossier, then you won’t understand the pink zip bag. I must have about 8 now haha. 

Things I bought : 

puffa jacket 

Generation G Matte lipstick : Cake, Like
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IKEA Home Haul

Last weekend I headed to IKEA, to get a TV stand. I don’t like too much furture in room, as it looks crammed. So I’ve been unsure to put my tv on a wall, or get a stand. I seen a photo on Instagram, of a white tv stand. It inspired me to head to IKEA and get a white TV stand.

I love finding unique things, that you don’t see in other shops. One of my favourite sweets in America is Swedish Fish. I saw bags of “Orginal Swedish Fish”, so I had to buy to try them. They taste the exact same, but I have to say my favourite is the bag of all red. The IKEA ones are assorted.

Products : 

2 artificial plants 
Orange Diam
Apple Candle
Vanilla Ice Cream Candle
Peaches and Orange potpourri 
Vanilla ice Cream potpourri 
IKEA Lack TV stand

My TV stand is too big to fit in this photo, so I may show it later. You might aswell say you got a new LEGO Set, when it comes to building IKEA flat packs. Following the instructions, I felt like I was building LEGO haha. 
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Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

 I love reading the media’s list of top beauty advent calendar for each year, but I do get caught up feeling like I need one. I bought the 2015 Jo Malone advent calendar, so the last couple years I bought different beauty advent calendars. I ended up with a load of mini lipsticks and eyeshadows. The mini makeup you get in beauty advent calendars come handy for traveling, but I don’t go through that much makeup. With Jo Malone, it’s all about smelly things. You can never go wrong with perfume. The second I heard Jo Malone was bringing out an advent calendar, I knew I wanted to buy one. I did grudge the price at £300, however I haven’t treated myself in a while. 

The advent calendar arrived the other day in the post and I couldn't wait to take it out the box, to have a look. I have seen so many reviews on them across the internet, but I plan to do it the traditional way. I plan to open one each day in December and share my review on each product. I will be going away in December, but I’ll try my best to stick to my plan. 

Products : 
Orange Bitters Cologne 9ml
Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense 9ml
Basil &Neroli Body & Hand Wash 15ml
English Pear & Freesia Cologne 9ml

Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense 9ml
Frosted Cherry & Clove Mini Candle 35g
Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne 9ml
Wild Bluebell Body Crème 15ml
Wood Sage Sea Salt Cologne 9ml
Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense 9ml
Amber & Lavender Bath Oil 15ml
Peony & Blush Suede Body Crème 50ml
English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne 9ml
Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense 9ml
Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 9ml
Incense & Embers Mini Candle 35g
Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne 9ml
Tuberose Angelica Body Crème 15ml
Grapefruit Cologne 9ml
Blackberry & Bay Bath Oil 15ml
Black Cedar Wood & Juniper Cologne 9ml
Orange Blossom Body and Handwash 15ml
Myrrh Cologne Intense 9ml
Pomegranate Noir Mini Candle 35g
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