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I flew with Ryanair for the first time to Dublin. If you’ve never heard of Ryanair, it’s a Europe budget airline. I have heard a lot of things in the media with Ryanair, so I’ve decided to share my review of flying with them. I saw an advert pop up online for from £12, 1 way to Dublin. I had never been there Dublin in my life. Ryanair fly Edinburgh - Dublin. I clicked the advert and saw there was a few flights a day and a lot of them were £12. I thought I could go to Dublin for the day, as it showed up just over an hour flight. I booked and got my confirmation email. The confirmation email said booked seats can check-in up to 60 days before travel, but if you don’t pre book seats you can check in 4 days - 2 hours before traveling. I looked at choosing a seat which states from £4, but ever seat I clicked around the plane showed up £5 extra each way. I was traveling myself, so there was no need want to pick a seat. The only downside I had to wait till 4 days before traveling, so I could check-in online. There’s a £55 airport check-in charge, I assume is to encourage everyone checks in online.

I bought a back pack online for my day trip. I picked a standard size one and didn’t think much of it, until a friend said does it fit within Ryanair size ? I said it’s a standard back pack ? Only when I checked the Ryan Air website, my back pack was too big. I started packing looking at other bags I have. I wanted a bag big enough to buy souvenirs, if I wanted to buy anything. Then a friend said to me they won’t have time to stand measuring everyone’s bags, as long as it fits under the seat. I knew it would fit under the seat, as I’ve had a bag and shopping from Duty Free and it fitted under the seat.

A few days before my flight, I checked in online. There was so many seats available on the flight and like the media said i was allocated a middle seat. It didn’t bother me, I was going because it was a cheap flight. I also wasn’t going to spend £5 extra each way, to get a window or aisle seat. After I checked in, I got my flight ticket. I always screen shot the ticket and print it. Airline apps are handy, but I like to have back-up options.

The day I was traveling, I headed to Edinburgh Airport. As I was already checked in online, I headed straight to airport security and scanned my mobile ticket. It was really easy to use. I just used the screenshot, than clicking the app and finding my ticket.

It was a 08:15 flight and they started calling priority people first at 07:50. They started of calling sections, then it was everyone. I showed my phone with my flight ticket and passport and one of the staff scanned the ticket on my phone. Then everyone headed outside, standing in a queue. I have heard people referring to budget airlines like getting on a bus. I can see why, when you’re standing outside near the runway haha. I read online non priority people, hand luggage suitcases have to be checked in. I was surprised seeing luggage handler staff taking suitcases from people, standing beside the plane. I imagined you’d check in the hand luggage suitcase, at the check-in.

I got to my seat about 08:05, so I knew it wasn’t going to take of in time. I fitted my back pack under the sit and saw others, with bigger bags than me coming on the plane. There was still people coming on the plane at 08:10. The pilot the made an announcement saying “we’ll be leaving soon, depending on how quick the passengers take to sit down”. I laughed to myself,  I’ve never heard a pilot say that. We left around 10 mins late, but it still arrived in Dublin on time.

The plane coming back, was at 20:25. There was a gate change, but it did leave on time.

I booked Dublin, as it was only £24 (standard ticket) return. I saw it as a fun day trip. I done a lot in Dublin and I saw a city, I have never been to before. I don’t know a better way to describe Ryan Air, than getting on a bus. You don’t get the service like, BA or United Airlines, but if you’re willing to stand outside waiting on a bus, Ryan Air is no different. If you want to upgrade to priority, choose a seat and bring a suitcase, I think you could be just as cheap flying with an airline that’s about quality, than budget. Ryan Air a cheap way to see another city. I had no faults with Ryan Air and I’d fly with them again.
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