My Day Trip Bag

Backpacks I don’t know where to begin, they remind of going to school haha. However after buying a backpack for Australia, it was a lot easier than carrying a bag. If you noticed the last couple of days in Australia I swapped to my Michael Kors bag, as the Boohoo backpack zip broke. It was actually a new bag a bought for Australia (Good ol Boohoo), but only costed £16 and it done the job.) I have since been looking for a new backpack for day trips, I have planned. It’s always the same when you have nothing in mind, you see a lot of nice things. I couldn’t see one, that I had in mind. I wanted something plain black and large enough, if I bought anything.

My friend sent me a link to a Nike backpack on ASOS website. It was plain black and the Nike logo was small. It looked similar to what I had in mind, large enough to fit things inside (incase I buy anything) and plain black. Instead of searching round more shops, for a bag I didn’t know what I was looking for. I ordered with the Nike backpack on ASOS website. It was actually my first ASOS purchase. Am impressed how fast it was delivered, (it came in 2 days).

I was worried about the sizing of the bag (42 x 30 x 12), as I was taking it on Ryan Air. It is slightly bigger than Ryan Air currant personal bag size (35 x 20 x 20), however it fitted under the seat.
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