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I searched places to eat in Melbourne, before traveling. All I seem to find was a lot of dumping, sushi and burger places. Jasmine my friend messaged me to saying Top Paddock Cafe looked nice and Instagram type. It was like having a free tour guide, with the many ideas she was messaging. Jasmine said she felt like she was back in Australia searching things to do haha. I googled Top Paddock Cafe, to see what it was like. The food looked so perfectly set, in every photo. 

The Royal Botanical Gardens was on the way to Top Paddock, so I took a stroll through the bottom section of the gardens. Then headed across the bridge, to Top Paddock Cafe. I felt like I'd went from Australia, to Beverly Hills. The street reminded me of walking down Beverly Hills, with fancy shops and cafes. It looked very Americanised.   

Top Paddock Cafe is located on the corner of Church Street, in Richmond. I was walking up the street and spotted a small cafe, thinking it looked fancy. It was a glass building with benches outside and high plants around the cafe. I was about to cross the road when I looked back reading a small sign saying "Top Paddock" and realised that was the place I was heading to. I turned back and headed in. The waiter said how many ? I said "just me". She said ok follow me and took me to a long table, on my own. I sat down and looked at the menu and every meal seemed to contain porridge. I then got my phone out and looked up Top Paddock Instagram, to see if I can see try see what all the nice meals are in photos. I remember messaging Jasmine on Facebook saying "help me everything seems to have porridge, is it normal to sit and eat porridge at lunch ? She wasn't replying, so I ended up picking : 

Organic quinoa, brown rice, vanilla porridge, poached stone fruit & rhubarb, Melbourne rooftop honey & pistachios

And a bottle of cola  

Jasmine did reply after I left saying what I picked was fine, as most of the menu had porridge. It also didn't help I was sitting on my own, something I've only done a few times. So I didn't have anyone to compare food with. It is a lot easier to sit on your own in another country, than places local. The food was different and tasted nicer, than I imagined when you think about what ingredients are mixed. The bill came to $21.50, which I thought was good for a healthy food cafe.  
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