Melbourne Gaol

My friend Jasmine was in Australia the month before me, so it was abit like having my own virtual tour guide. I took a few ideas from Jasmine whenever she checked into places or shared photos. She was also messaging me ideas where to go. Although Jasmine didn't stay in Melbourne she suggested seeing Melbourne Gaol, saying she saw one in Sydney I think ? I was thinking what is a Gaol ? But she did message after that, saying it's like an old jail. 

I headed along to the Goal, on Russell Street. There was a queue waiting to go in, but you had to buy the ticket at another building. I went and bought a ticket (costed $28) and waited in the queue. Then the Goal staff man and woman came out shouting to stand in a straight line and get your tickets out. Some people looked confused saying they didn't have a ticket and were told to go and buy their ticket, so that cut the queue down. We were then taken to a hall inside and the woman shouted "males to the right, females left. We all had to side along the wall facing each other and people were getting shouted to stop leaving against the wall. I stood thinking to myself is Jasmine really into this ? (although after speaking to her she did say she didn't realise it was acting, so I think the Goal she visited was different). I guess they want it, how it would have been in the Goal. The the woman gave out random role play cards to people. My mum was picked, instead my mum said she was June Mclean (her real name) and she was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. The woman then shouted that's not your name, as she was suppose to say the name on the card haha. We were then sent into two separate room and the lights turned off. The lights went back and and she was shouting morning everyone get up. 

We got told we could get our mugshot photo, but no photoshoots. I took my jacket and bag off and quickly redone my lipstick for my photos haha. 

It's actually a not bad view in the Goal, seeing the high buildings.  

Then we got to walk around on our own seeing the cells. I found it more interesting, walking in and out the different rooms on each floor. Some rooms were empty and some rooms looked scary. 

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