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I came across Higher Ground, when I liked Too Paddock Cafe on Instagram and Higher Ground showed up in the "suggestions for you" section. The description said it's run by the same crew, as Top Paddock. I looked on google maps and it was only 20 mins walk, from the hotel I was staying at and I planned heading near that way. 

I decided to stop at Higher Ground for lunch, so I used google maps to find Little Bourke Street. I couldn't see any numbers or higher ground, yet it was telling me to turn right and saying "you have reached your destination". I stopped and looked around and couldn't see any building saying Higher Ground, so I walked further up then it was telling to to turn right and right again. I ended up back on Little Bourke Street. I walked on the other side of the road, that I originally walked down and there was a small sign on the building saying Higher Ground. I actually walked by it first time round, as I couldn't see any sign across the building.

I walked in and was asked how many people for the table, I replied just me. Then I was given a table and menu. I did actually look at the menu online, so I knew what I wanted. I noticed a lot of places in Australia have sourdough in their meals, so I was curious what it was like.   

I ordered :

Mixed lamp fry up
Egg plant purée, fried eggs, barberries, smoked yogurt, pine nut dukkah, sourdough

And an iced chocolate.

I am one of those fussy meat eaters, but Higher Ground set the lamb presentable that it looked edible. All I can say about sourdough is dont try eat it on its own, but it's actually really nice mixed with the lamp and egg. The meal and drink came to $27. People said to me food and drink in Australia is expensive, but I honestly thought Top Paddock and Higher Ground was reasonable price.  

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