DUMBO Brooklyn

The great thing about Instagram is seeing photos, within the same interest as you. I kept seeing photos of a New York street, looking onto the Manhattan Bridge. The location on the photo had DUMBO Brooklyn. I have walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and turned back, just to sat I'd been. 

As I like to plan my routes around New York, I always look at Google map and think what works best. I always, always walk Manhattan. Can you believe I've been to New York 6 times and never been on a tour bus ?. Walking is the best way, to take in the New York atmosphere. I feel like taking a bus, you're missing out on half the City. I've walked from Times Square to Brooklyn and it's honestly the best way to see New York. 

I headed down Manhattan making a stop at Glossier Showroom (worth a visit, if you like makeup and skincare). Then I made my way following the signs, to the Brooklyn Bridge. For the first time I was able to say "I've been to Brooklyn". Last time I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, to say I'd done it. 

I found my way to the famous street (Washington Street) at the sea front of DUMBO. It looks just as amazing in person, as it does in photos. The street itself, is like a tourist invasion. You have to become a professional at moving your camera at the right angle, not getting people walking into the photo. I do pity the New Yorkers, who have to drive up and down. I watched cars toot their horns, trying to drive by. So if you plan on visiting DUMBO, please be aware it's a public street.   

DUMBO is short for - Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

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