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I bet you never thought I'd be writing about Lego. Last year I met David and I think he's fried of my brain, with his Lego hauls he posts online. Me being Danielle, I like buying things in the name. Am going through a phrase of buying everything in the name of New York. I saw Lego has a New York City Lego set.

As I've just came back from New York, am still in American time zone. I've been so awake at night, since I've got back. To make use of my time being awake at night I bought the New York lego set and sat up late trying to build it.  

Where do I begin ? I was looking through all the bags for ages, struggling to find each piece. That makes sense to why David has posted photos of his Lego, separated into bowls. He's not that daft. Then when I was picking up the Lego, the Lego is tiny pieces. The Lego was flying out my hand and shooting across the room. I think I spent more time searching for Lego that flew out my hands, than I did building it.

I got to the World Trade Center and got the first section no problem. Then it went to plot. The second section, the panels weren't matching with Lego. I took it apart and tried building it back 3 times. It was like building my Ikea desk and drawers all over again, trying to follow the step by step instructions. I always thought Lego was using your imagination, not following instructions. Where is the fun in following instructions ?.

The easiest section was the Flatiron building. All I had to do was layer the same shape of Lego, one on top of another. 

I might have been to the top of the World Trade Center in person, but not in the Lego world. Guys this is my first ever Lego set, so don't be mean to me haha. 
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  1. Well, that's what I like about Architecture kits, how fancy they look! Actually, I'm not a huge fan of this very series and Lego as well, but I've been into modular toys much since the times I was just a kid. My dad had a hobby of modeling wooden ships, so maybe I inherited that from him. But I'm a car person more, so my last purchase of that sort of thing that completely satisfied me was Ugears grand prix car I think it's kind of homage to the race car Steve McQueen had in "Le Mans" movie, and it's so well-detailed piece! It took something about 4 hours from to set this up (really, I prefer to keep this process slow and sophisticated), but afterwards you get the feeling like you've built a real full-sized car!