Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Things To Do For Free In Melbourne

 I couldn't find much information online on "things to do in Melbourne", besides the Sofitel Hotel (Toilet With A View). I read about Eureka Skydeck, where you pay $22 to see Melbourne skyline from the 88th floor. I have visited New York a few times and been up Empire State Building, Top Of The Rock and One World Observatory . They were nice to see, but it's just different angles of the city. So why pay $22 to go up a building, when I had an amazing view from the hotel room and I visited the Sofitel Hotel (Toilet With A View). I don't think a really went anywhere that you had to pay to get into, except Old Melbourne Gaol and Neighbours Tour. So am going to share the things, I did actually do.  

Sofitel Hotel (Toilet With A View)

Am going to start with the one I found online, the view from the Sofitel Hotel on Collins Street. I found soo many websites mention this, so I wanted to see the view myself. The view is amazing, never mind the fact you're in a toilet. You have to take the lift to the 35th floor and you might aswell take advantage of the free toilet too. A lot of places charge to use the toilet.

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is a tourist magnet. Whenever I walked by Hosier Lane, it was always over crowded. The street art of Hosier Lane actually kind of goes in a kind of square. I spotted one section quiet, so I took advantage of it and done a quick pose. I like how the photo turned out, the background people look like they are meant to be part of the photo haha.     

Walk along the Yarra River

The Yarra River is pretty at night, to walk along and seeing the buildings all lit up. If you have someone like my mum taking your photo, expect some photos with fingers across the screen. I think this was about the 10th photo, standing like this haha.


The Docklands is a nice place to go for a walk. I went during the day and at night. It's nice to see in daylight, but it's also nice to see all lit up at night. If you look in the distance, you can see the Melbourne Star.

Bus to Chadstone

I saw an advert at Melbourne Visitor Centre, for a free bus to Chadstone Shopping Centre. The advert stated you can book at the information desk, so we booked the first bus at 9am the following day. We got there at 10 mins to 9 and the bus driver said the bus was full and come back in an hour for the next bus. I ended up going to Woolworths and getting a drink, then headed back to the bus pick up. It might be a free bus, but it's first come. Don't bother booking at the Melbourne information centre. I did spend $150 on makeup at Sephora and Mecca Maxima, also a plastic Lego cup from the Lego Store (the Lego cup, was a gift for someone). So it wasn't really a free thing, but the bus was free. 

Visit Etihad Stadium

I was walking by Etihad stadium, looking at it and staff said you can go up stair and see the stadium. I didn't think you'd be allowed to, unless something was on. The staff at the stadium seemed so laid back, which was nice.

Take a Tram

I personally preferred walking round the city, but my parents seemed to like taking the tram. One night after visiting the harbour, my mum made us do a whole tram route on the old tram. They are only free within the "free tram zone", but you get what you pay for.  

Walk to St Kilda Beach

So it depends if you are a walker, or not I walked to St Kilda beach and it took around an hour and a half. It was so easy to get to. It's basically a straight path down and when you're near, there's signs for St Kilda beach. Luna Park is at St Kilda beach, which I would have loved to have went to. However I already planned to visit Luna Park in Sydney, as I was heading to Sydney next.    

Royal Botanical Gardens

I walked round the Royal Botanical Gardens and through the Australian Forrest walk. Well I was in Australia after all. I love how the photo look Autumn, with the leaves on the ground. It was actually really hot. I guess it was Australia's Autumn, as their seasons are the other way round from what am used to here in the UK. Autumn in the UK, you need a jacket.

Shrine Of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is like a never ending walk, from the main road. They have the list of countries they were at war with and all the museum type things. If you're into history you'd enjoy the Shrine of Remembrance.

 Is there anything I missed out ? I hope you found my ideas and what I done interesting. 
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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Higher Ground | Melbourne

I came across Higher Ground, when I liked Too Paddock Cafe on Instagram and Higher Ground showed up in the "suggestions for you" section. The description said it's run by the same crew, as Top Paddock. I looked on google maps and it was only 20 mins walk, from the hotel I was staying at and I planned heading near that way. 

I decided to stop at Higher Ground for lunch, so I used google maps to find Little Bourke Street. I couldn't see any numbers or higher ground, yet it was telling me to turn right and saying "you have reached your destination". I stopped and looked around and couldn't see any building saying Higher Ground, so I walked further up then it was telling to to turn right and right again. I ended up back on Little Bourke Street. I walked on the other side of the road, that I originally walked down and there was a small sign on the building saying Higher Ground. I actually walked by it first time round, as I couldn't see any sign across the building.

I walked in and was asked how many people for the table, I replied just me. Then I was given a table and menu. I did actually look at the menu online, so I knew what I wanted. I noticed a lot of places in Australia have sourdough in their meals, so I was curious what it was like.   

I ordered :

Mixed lamp fry up
Egg plant purée, fried eggs, barberries, smoked yogurt, pine nut dukkah, sourdough

And an iced chocolate.

I am one of those fussy meat eaters, but Higher Ground set the lamb presentable that it looked edible. All I can say about sourdough is dont try eat it on its own, but it's actually really nice mixed with the lamp and egg. The meal and drink came to $27. People said to me food and drink in Australia is expensive, but I honestly thought Top Paddock and Higher Ground was reasonable price.  

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Monday, 30 July 2018

Top Paddock | Melbourne

I searched places to eat in Melbourne, before traveling. All I seem to find was a lot of dumping, sushi and burger places. Jasmine my friend messaged me to saying Top Paddock Cafe looked nice and Instagram type. It was like having a free tour guide, with the many ideas she was messaging. Jasmine said she felt like she was back in Australia searching things to do haha. I googled Top Paddock Cafe, to see what it was like. The food looked so perfectly set, in every photo. 

The Royal Botanical Gardens was on the way to Top Paddock, so I took a stroll through the bottom section of the gardens. Then headed across the bridge, to Top Paddock Cafe. I felt like I'd went from Australia, to Beverly Hills. The street reminded me of walking down Beverly Hills, with fancy shops and cafes. It looked very Americanised.   

Top Paddock Cafe is located on the corner of Church Street, in Richmond. I was walking up the street and spotted a small cafe, thinking it looked fancy. It was a glass building with benches outside and high plants around the cafe. I was about to cross the road when I looked back reading a small sign saying "Top Paddock" and realised that was the place I was heading to. I turned back and headed in. The waiter said how many ? I said "just me". She said ok follow me and took me to a long table, on my own. I sat down and looked at the menu and every meal seemed to contain porridge. I then got my phone out and looked up Top Paddock Instagram, to see if I can see try see what all the nice meals are in photos. I remember messaging Jasmine on Facebook saying "help me everything seems to have porridge, is it normal to sit and eat porridge at lunch ? She wasn't replying, so I ended up picking : 

Organic quinoa, brown rice, vanilla porridge, poached stone fruit & rhubarb, Melbourne rooftop honey & pistachios

And a bottle of cola  

Jasmine did reply after I left saying what I picked was fine, as most of the menu had porridge. It also didn't help I was sitting on my own, something I've only done a few times. So I didn't have anyone to compare food with. It is a lot easier to sit on your own in another country, than places local. The food was different and tasted nicer, than I imagined when you think about what ingredients are mixed. The bill came to $21.50, which I thought was good for a healthy food cafe.  
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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Melbourne Gaol

My friend Jasmine was in Australia the month before me, so it was abit like having my own virtual tour guide. I took a few ideas from Jasmine whenever she checked into places or shared photos. She was also messaging me ideas where to go. Although Jasmine didn't stay in Melbourne she suggested seeing Melbourne Gaol, saying she saw one in Sydney I think ? I was thinking what is a Gaol ? But she did message after that, saying it's like an old jail. 

I headed along to the Goal, on Russell Street. There was a queue waiting to go in, but you had to buy the ticket at another building. I went and bought a ticket (costed $28) and waited in the queue. Then the Goal staff man and woman came out shouting to stand in a straight line and get your tickets out. Some people looked confused saying they didn't have a ticket and were told to go and buy their ticket, so that cut the queue down. We were then taken to a hall inside and the woman shouted "males to the right, females left. We all had to side along the wall facing each other and people were getting shouted to stop leaving against the wall. I stood thinking to myself is Jasmine really into this ? (although after speaking to her she did say she didn't realise it was acting, so I think the Goal she visited was different). I guess they want it, how it would have been in the Goal. The the woman gave out random role play cards to people. My mum was picked, instead my mum said she was June Mclean (her real name) and she was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. The woman then shouted that's not your name, as she was suppose to say the name on the card haha. We were then sent into two separate room and the lights turned off. The lights went back and and she was shouting morning everyone get up. 

We got told we could get our mugshot photo, but no photoshoots. I took my jacket and bag off and quickly redone my lipstick for my photos haha. 

It's actually a not bad view in the Goal, seeing the high buildings.  

Then we got to walk around on our own seeing the cells. I found it more interesting, walking in and out the different rooms on each floor. Some rooms were empty and some rooms looked scary. 

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Sephora Australia Haul

Products I bought :

Alphah Moisture : boosting facial mist
Alphah : liquid gold
Benefit : Blush bar
ABH : Moonchild glow kit 
Huda Beauty : Lip contour set
Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palette 
Sephora lip stories : No cell service 
Sephora lip stories : Love love
Sephora exfoliating cleansing cream : Charcoal 
Sephora Grey clay mask
Sephora acai hair sleeping mask
Sephora shea lip mask
Sephora tangerine hand balm
Sephora Vanilla cube
Sephora vanilla eau de toilet 
Sephora beauty on the fly bag

Am just looking at the Sephora Australia website store locator. I think I visited nearly every store in Australia and I've kept my receipts as souvenirs haha. I visited Melbourne Central, Chadstone shopping centre, Sydney Pitt Street, Sydney Macquarie, Pacific Fair Shopping Centre and Robina. I traveled Australia visiting Melbourne, Sydney, Surfers Paradise and Brisbane and Sephora stores are central, that I went in every Sephora I saw. I bought a few things here and there in each store. Then when I flew to the Gold Coast my Australian family drove me to Robina Town Centre , where we done some makeup shopping.

I also signed up to Sephora Beauty Pass and upgraded from white to black status. Am not sure if that's something to be proud of, becoming a black member in 2 weeks (you have to spend $300 in a year to become black status). Oh well it was my birthday. I did get a few free mini's being a Beauty Pass member (Marc Jacobs highliner and Boscia hydration moisturiser). Also after becoming a black status member I got an email offering black members 20% off over 4 days, so I made use of it and got the ABH  moonchild glow kit.
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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

A Toilet With A View

When I searched on google "things to do in Melbourne", one of the things that kept showing up was visiting the Sofitel Hotel toilet. I laughed to myself, but to be honest the view in people's photos looked amazing. There's loads of photos online, saying it's one of the best views in Melbourne. So I decided to go up to see the view.

One of the days I was passing the Sofitel Hotel, so I headed up. I took the lift to the 35th floor and followed the signs to the toilet. The second I pushed the door opened and turned into the toilet, I was kind of like wow the view. It's all large windows, with views looking over Melbourne.

It's definitely worth a visit if you are passing nearby, even if you aren't needing the toilet. I didn't actually stay at the Sofitel hotel, I stayed at the Crown Promenade. There is a bar on the 35th floor of the Sofitel Hotel, so you could always stop for a drink.    

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Crown Promenade | Melbourne

I stayed in the Crown Promenade, in Melbourne while traveling Australia. We arrived at half past 5 in the morning and check in isn't till 3pm, so we dropped out suitcases off at the reception. I then headed to the hotel public toilet to change clothes, wash my face, brush my teeth and redo my makeup. My mum booked us to go to the Neighbours Tour, till we could check in. My advice is only go to the Neighbours Tour if you've not watched Neighbours. To this day I don't know who the Kennedy's are, but I was shown where they live on Ramsay Street.

We checked in at the reception and the woman said "oh it's your birthday" (I was wearing a birthday tiara and sash), then we were given room keys to the 22nd floor. I have heard hotels do things for your birthday, so I have no idea if we were given that room because I was wearing the birthday tiara and sash or if that was the room we were getting.  

The room was a twin room, with views looking onto the river and the high buildings. It was spacious , with a tv, long desk, sofa chair by the window and a shower room. It also helped the radio has USB ports, especially when you have many things to charge on holiday.     

The swimming pool - (not that I used it, but I put my feet in haha). 

These are photos I took, from the hotel room at night.

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