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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Deep Sea World | Influencer Evening

I was invited to Deep Sea World Influencer Evening. An Evening where we got to see the place, after opening hours. I haven't visited Deep Sea World, since I was a child. I think it was my Gran who took me, she always took me to all the tourist places. I vaguely remembered going round a tunnel, so I wanted to go back to see what it's like now. I knew Deep Sea World was just across the water from Edinburgh, but I didn't realise the long road you have to drive down to get there.   

I met with Hayley (HonestlyRussell) outside Deep Sea World, before heading in. We were given a guide and pass. Then were introduced to the Deep Sea World staff. I once went to Edinburgh Castle with a friend. Their sister works at the castle, so she walked us round sections at the castle talking about the history. I walked away saying wow how does she know and remember all that. The staff at Deep Sea World were exactly the same. It amazes me how they can remember soo much, but I guess you pick up bits and learn to say it in your own way. 

We were taken round on a tour of the place. There was about only about 20 of us, so it's always nice to get an opportunity to take photos when it's not overly crowded.

Then we headed for food. People might wonder with the photo of fish n chips. I honestly am not a person for fish. If it looks like it's been alive, I can't eat it. They made the fish n chips look abit more appealing, in the cute holder. 

Then we headed to see Bare Bones, a small tent beside Deep Sea World and is there over summer. Lastly we were taken to see the tunnel from above. It's amazing how different it looks, seeing the sharks from above.  

Even now my favourite bit at Deep Sea World, is the shark tunnel. It's quite fun going round on the moving walkway, watching the fish and sharks. You can see the Forth Bridges, from Deep Sea World. 

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Sterling Mills Outlet Haul

I've wanted to visit Sterling Mills Outlet in forever, so I finally got to go. Let's say it's not the biggest outlet I've seen, but it's different. I was most looking forward to seeing the Beauty Outlet. I visited the Beauty Outlet at Gretna Gateway. There's soo much makeup and skincare products I have not seen in shops before.  Incase you're wondering where Sterling Mills Outlet is, it's in Tillicoultry, Scotland.  

Products : 

Nike grey jumper

Addias grey joggers

Beauty Outlet
Skin Academy peel off mask 
Danielle creations brightening face sheet mask
Danielle creations purifying face sheet mask
Essie Spa exfoliating hand scrub
Maybelline baby lips sugar cookie
Maybelline master glaze blush
W7 Holographic lipgloss 
E.L.F lip balm tint : peach
E.L.F lip & cheek duo stix : pink  

I spent £76 at Sterling Mills Outlet, which is quite good for everything I got.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

How I Met My Australian Family Online

I remember growing up seeing my Mums side of the family all the time. I saw my Dads side of the family maybe a handful of times, but that's just how it went. 

One day I was googling the house that was in my Dads side of the family for years. I came across a story online called "About My Nan, as she told it". I quickly scrolled through the story to see how google picked up this story on my search words. We had soo much in common, her family lived in the same house, they were related to the movie star Hugh McDermott, they mentioned names I'd heard mentioned. I was curious, but at the same time I didn't know how they'd react to me contacting them. I clicked on the contact section and sent a message saying "I think we might be related". Within a few hours I got a reply from a Kirsty and we were discussing who were related to. It turned out Kirsty's Nan and my great Gran were first Cousin's.

Kirsty lives in Australia and I live in Edinburgh, so we stayed in contact on Facebook. The second I knew I was going to Australia, I messaged Kirsty and we were discussing meeting.

Kirsty messaged saying she'd meet us at the Gold Coast Airport. I remember stepping of the plane and walking into the airport and spotting someone who looked like the photos online, but they were looking down at their phone. I was 99% sure it was Kirsty, but at the same time I thought what if I go and it's not her. I stopped and looked directly at her and she looked up and we both smiled at each other. She came over and was like give me a hug haha. I met her family (or my family haha) and spent everyday in the Gold Coast together. 

It feels crazy to think we met online, but am glad we stumbled across each other. My family judge you, but meeting Kirsty it was different. Her whole family is funny, laid back and open with each other. We talked about everything, family, shopping and men haha.   



Thursday, 12 April 2018

Psychic Cafe | Update

I was one of those people who didn't believe in psychics. It sounded crazy how someone could tell you things about your life. One day I joked to my friend I was going to a psychic, to get answers. I went to Little Whispers cafe, in West Calder with my Mum. You can read about "My First Psychic Reading Experience" (here).  

My first reading, everything was accurate what she said. I did feel the reading, was like she was referring to the child me. She talked of me doing gymnastics, as a child. However one thing the psychic said happened, so I've wanted to go back and see what else they would say. 

This time I went the psychic cafe with my friend Kirsten and we had Lee do our reading.

Some of the things Lee said : 

There's someone who's jealous of me because I won a situation. - I knew what she was talking about.

I have a blog and I let the negative get to me. - I really do. I find myself taking a break from my blog, when someone says something negative about it. She said well don't you are letting them win and that's what they want. She said people enjoy reading what you write. 

I write about America. - To which I replied but am not going to America this time. She said I see you going to an island with palm trees. I guess Australia is a kind of island.

A big company will contact me to do with my blog. - I have had small company's contact me

She asked if I was in a union with someone - To which I replied no. Then she showed me a picture that appeared on the glass I drunk out of, asking me if I want to hump the guy. I started laughing and she kept saying, tell the truth do you want to hump him?.

It was scary the things she knew and funny when she was asking if I want to hump him. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wetherspoon | Vegetable Burger

Expect plenty of Wetherspoon meal posts on my blog, as Wetherspoon is my local place to go to. I headed to Wetherspoon with my Mum, for dinner. 

I had the vegetable burger, which comes with chips and an Irn bru. The vegetable burger isn't as nice as the vegetable burgers Wetherspoon used to do, it was abit mushy. 

I think my Mum is morphing into my Gran (her mum). My Mum kept saying it's awfy loud in loud. It reminded me of the days, when I went to Wetherspoon with my Gran for dinner and my Gran would say "it's loud". It's a pub, pubs get loud with lots of people haha. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Queensferry Crossing Experience | Photos

So you all want to know if the Queensferry Crossing Experience was worth it ? A couple months ago I saw an advert to apply to walk across the Queensferry Crossing, Scotland's newest bridge. It was a once in a life time opportunity for 50,000 people, as there's no pedestrian access. I wasn't fussy, as a bridge is a bridge. You'll see the view when you drive over. The Queensferry Crossing actually opened for 2 days before the walk, so I've been over in a car already. I decided to apply anyway and I got an email saying I got picked. We got a personal invite in the post, alongside a lanyard and card with the details.

headed along to Aegon at Edinburgh Park, where we had to go through a security check before getting on the bus. They ask for a driving license or Passport, that matches the photo on your lanyard card photo. I showed my driving license, then got on the bus. The bus drove away with only about 20 people on, but there was plenty of buses lined up decorated with "Queensferry Crossing Experience". The lane for the Queensferry Crossing had cones blocking the lane, with a lane for the buses to go up and police standing at the entrance. It was when the bus went in the lane blocked off, it started to feel real we were one of the lucky ones picked to walk the bridge.

I got off the bus and there was a loud speaker saying "welcome to the Queensferry Crossing Experience a once in a life time opportunity". Then it was our time to start walking.  

It was a fun experience getting to walk along the road of the Queensferry Crossing, known you'll never get another chance (unless you do it illegally). I also got to try out my new camera (Canon G7)