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Guinness Store House | Dublin

Dublin is famous for Guinness. So when I was heading to Dublin, I knew I wanted to visit Guinness Store House. The website lets you could book online and save €6.50. It seemed silly to get a cheap flight, only to pay full price on the day to visit Guinness Store House. There was time slots, which I couldn’t understand, as the website talked of “self guided tour”. Personally I prefer self guided tour, to be able to walk around myself. My flight was due to land in Dublin at 09:25. I then looked on Google maps at how long it would take for the airport bus to get from Dublin Airport, to the city centre and the walk from the city centre to Guinness Store House. I took the risk and booked the 11am slot. Thanks to Ryan Air and Google maps, I made it to Guinness Store House at exactly 11am. 

I went to the self checkout, scanned my barcode and got a ticket out. The website stated you get a free Guinness with your ticket. I was messaged my friend  joking to her “where do I get my Guinness, I need it now after that stress”. (The airport bus was going up 1 street, down the next. I didn’t think I’d get there on time). My friend replied are you that stressed haha. 

I don’t think the time slot makes a difference. Although I wouldn’t want to risk being late, incase they didn’t let you in. It was interesting walking round and seeing, how it’s been made through the years. I would say Guinness Store House, is a thing you see once. I can’t imagine going back to see it again, as “I’ve seen it”. I would say it was worth seeing Guinness, because that’s what Dublin is famous for. It costed €18.50 to get in, but you do get a free pint with your ticket. The fun part was pouring the pint. It was actually quite fun pouring a pint. Am not saying I loved my pint, but am not say my I hated my pint of Guinness haha. I did come home with Guinness fudge, which I would say tastes nicer than the drink.
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