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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Deep Sea World | Influencer Evening

I was invited to Deep Sea World Influencer Evening. An Evening where we got to see the place, after opening hours. I haven't visited Deep Sea World, since I was a child. I think it was my Gran who took me, she always took me to all the tourist places. I vaguely remembered going round a tunnel, so I wanted to go back to see what it's like now. I knew Deep Sea World was just across the water from Edinburgh, but I didn't realise the long road you have to drive down to get there.   

I met with Hayley (HonestlyRussell) outside Deep Sea World, before heading in. We were given a guide and pass. Then were introduced to the Deep Sea World staff. I once went to Edinburgh Castle with a friend. Their sister works at the castle, so she walked us round sections at the castle talking about the history. I walked away saying wow how does she know and remember all that. The staff at Deep Sea World were exactly the same. It amazes me how they can remember soo much, but I guess you pick up bits and learn to say it in your own way. 

We were taken round on a tour of the place. There was about only about 20 of us, so it's always nice to get an opportunity to take photos when it's not overly crowded.

Then we headed for food. People might wonder with the photo of fish n chips. I honestly am not a person for fish. If it looks like it's been alive, I can't eat it. They made the fish n chips look abit more appealing, in the cute holder. 

Then we headed to see Bare Bones, a small tent beside Deep Sea World and is there over summer. Lastly we were taken to see the tunnel from above. It's amazing how different it looks, seeing the sharks from above.  

Even now my favourite bit at Deep Sea World, is the shark tunnel. It's quite fun going round on the moving walkway, watching the fish and sharks. You can see the Forth Bridges, from Deep Sea World. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Duty Free Haul

I feel really mixed about Duty Free sometimes with drink and perfume, shops on the high street have a better deal. Duty Free isn't the same as it used to be, you have to compare prices online. Jo Malone don't do offers, or not that I have heard of. I love Jo Malone, so I always try buy something at Duty Free at the airport. 

As I headed to Paris for the day, I flew from Edinburgh Airport and managed to do abit shopping at Duty Free. Edinburgh Airport does Shop and click, which is a bonus to save taking everything to Paris. The shop and collect helped a lot especially, as I was traveling hand luggage only and being limited to the amount of liquid.

Products :

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Manderin Exfoliating Shower Gel 
Mac Volcanic Ash Exfoliator 
Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation : NC30
Mac Upward Lash Mascara : Black 
Kinder Surprise Airbus Collection

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Edinburgh Christmas

The things you see everyday, you take for granted. I remember visiting Hollywood for the first time and walking along the walk of fame, trying to spot all the celebrity names. The second visit to Hollywood, it's a different atmosphere. You spotted the first timer tourists, with their heads to the ground. I loved the shops in Hollywood and Beverly Hills, but I think after 4 visits I started to take the place for granted. It's been 10 years since I visited Hollywood and now it's a dream to go back.  

I have went to New York every January, the last few years. (I won't be going to New York this January, as am hoping to go away somewhere different for my birthday.) My favourite thing to do in New York is taking a night walk, seeing all the Christmas decorations around the City. It made me think I never pay attention to the Christmas decorations in my own City, Edinburgh. After waiting in all day to get my washing machine fixed, I headed for a walk around town.  

I walked around town trying to spot all the Christmassy things and snapped some photos.

This is Edinburgh at Christmas :

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Wetherspoon | Vegetable Burger

Expect plenty of Wetherspoon meal posts on my blog, as Wetherspoon is my local place to go to. I headed to Wetherspoon with my Mum, for dinner. 

I had the vegetable burger, which comes with chips and an Irn bru. The vegetable burger isn't as nice as the vegetable burgers Wetherspoon used to do, it was abit mushy. 

I think my Mum is morphing into my Gran (her mum). My Mum kept saying it's awfy loud in loud. It reminded me of the days, when I went to Wetherspoon with my Gran for dinner and my Gran would say "it's loud". It's a pub, pubs get loud with lots of people haha. 

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Queensferry Crossing Experience

Isn't it typical when you want picked for something, you don't get picked. If you aren't fussy, you get picked. There's been such a hype people wanting to walk across the new Queensferry bridge, as they are letting so many people walk across the bridge as a "once in a life time opportunity". Once the bridge is opened, it will only be open to vehicles, but not walkers. I don't see what the hype is walking across a bridge. It's a bridge right ? You'll get the same view when you drive over. I thought for the sake of it I'll apply to cross the bridge and boom I got an email saying I was picked. How typical, I wasn't even fussy about being picked. I'll be walking across the bridge this Saturday (2nd September). 

I got sent a the invite in the post, along side a lanyard and a card with a photo of me. 

The invitation says : 

A Once In A Life Time Opportunity 


The Scottish Government formally invite you to celebrate the completion and opening of the Queensferry Crossing.

The Queensferry Crossing Experience is your chance to witness first-hand the innovative design and world-class engineering that has created the breathtaking structure, Scotland's largest infrastructure project in a generation. 

I'll let you know how it goes and try take some photos.

Friday, 11 August 2017

The Skybar | Edinburgh

The Skybar is one of my favourite places, for the best view looking on to Edinburgh Castle. It's like Edinburgh's version of New York Rooftop bars haha. The Skybar is at the top of the DoubleTree Hilton, on Bread Street. It's only open the first Thursday of every month, but it's open every Thursday in August during the festival

I had a Tia Maria Frappe, as you can see by the photo.  

If you want to take photos I recommend being there for 6pm when it opens, by half 6 it's packed with people.

Location : Skybar Bread Street, Edinburgh 

Monday, 7 August 2017

The Table Edinburgh | Review

I first heard of The Table back in mid April, when all the Avengers stars shared photos on instagram of them being there. I love visiting restaurants, where celebrities have visited. I looked into booking, but it was fully booked for the next 3 months. The Table website has a list of dates when the release the following months bookings and August was being released at 12 noon, on the 3rd of May. I knew it must get fully booked quick, as I still had another 2 weeks wait before I could book for August. I waited ready to book once it turned 12 noon. It asks you to pay while booking, I guess to make sure you show up 3 months later.

I read about it online 1 table, 2 chefs, 10 people. It has a BYOB corkage charge, meaning you could bring your own bottle. Am not really a drinker, unless everyone else is drinking so I planned to just have a juice. I booked for 2 people and my dad came along with me. I was a little nervous thinking what if the rest of the table is a group of 8 on a hen or stag party and we sat awkwardly at the table. Am that person that always thinks of the "what if ?".

Fast forward 3 months, we headed along to The Table. We headed down Dundas street looking for number "3a" stated on the website. Next door to number 3, there's a blue painted door and above the door is glass with the name "The Table". I walked in and the table was right  there. I am the only person who imagined you walked in through a corridor, before entering the room ?. Everyone seemed in two's and a mix of different ages. The two seats at the top of the room were empty, so we headed to sit there. Everyone was popping opening their bottles, that's when I felt the odd one out and regretted not bringing a bottle. I clicked on google map to find the nearest shop, to see if I could run and buy drink. Tesco was showing 2 mins away, so I said to my dad I'll run to Tesco and buy drink. My dad replied, "you won't have time". I pointed at the door saying "look it's open". Then my dad said to the chef will she have time to run to the shop ? The chef replied "of course". My dad was driving, so I didn't want to be popping a bottle to myself so I opted for Malibu cans.  

We sat looking onto the kitchen watching the chefs cook, chat and mingle with everyone at the table. My dad got talking to the couple beside us and it turned out he works with the sisters partner. Everyone seems to know someone one way or the other.

Menu :

A Summer Jumper
Frogs Legs with Wild Mushrooms and Pesto

Golden Wonder Cheese and Onion
Isle of Mull Cheddar Ravioli with Onion Broth

No Plaice Like Covfefe
Steamed Plaice with Sheep's Yogurt and Summer Vegetables #COVFEFE

Dong Po
Rare-Breed Tamworth Pork with Melon and Ginger inspired by Tim Raue

Twistin' My Melon Man
Gorgonzola with Spanish Ham, Cantaloupe Melon, Black Olive and Sage Chocolate 

Wether's Not So Original 
Caramel powder inspired by Grant Achatz

Chocolate Raspberr-Hay
Raspberrs with Hay and Chocolate

It's classed as a 7 course meal, but I do count 9.  

For everyone that knows me, am a really fussy eater. I can eat meat if it's flavoured, but I can't eat any fish as I see it as alive at one point. Anything that looks like it was alive at one point, I can't eat it. Would you believe I ate the fish ?. Everyone's plate was empty after each course, so it shows how good a chef they are. I was most nervous about the caramel powder, but once you've got over the shock of the powder it's like eating chewy caramel. 

When we got up to go, Sean the chef came forward and gave a little goody bag with The Table cocoa powder, a little chocolate brownie cake and the recipe.  

It costs £70 per person, but worth every penny as you are paying for the experience. My only advice is check the date on the website, for the following months bookings and be ready at 12 noon to book. I've looked back a few hours after they released the follow month and it's fully booked.

Location : 3a Dundas street, Edinburgh