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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Google Digital Garage | Writing For Social Media

I wrote about Google Digital Garage, a couple of weeks back. A course called "Get Your Business Visible On Google". It was tips on how to get your website seen online. I thought the course is good for a beginner. When I first started making websites, this course would have helped me. I knew a lot of the course already, except where you can test your website performance. 

I looked online at the other courses to choose from and saw "Writing For Social Media". I thought "Writing For Social Media" would be good, as having a website is part of the social media world. I clicked to book the course and as I already signed up to Google Digital Garage, it was a simple 1 click. I entered my email address to sign in and clicked book.

Our Google coach was called Ryan. He was so confident, funny and didn't make anyone feel out of place. He kept repeating his name, spelling it saying it's R-Y-A-N telling everyone to give good feedback haha. We were sat in tables of around 4 people to a table. There was about 20 of us in total, which was different to the last course. The other course, it was only me and 2 others.   

The first task we were asked to describe ourselves in a tweet and pass it to the person on the left. There was sticky notes and pens for everyone to note down things. I used to get lost for words how to describe myself. I mean how do we describe ourself ? It's nice when people compliment us, but I don't really look at the good things about me. Instead this time I knew I was at the course because my blog. The first things shot to my mind was my name, blogger and Edinburgh, where I live. I wrote down Danielle, Blogger, Edinburgh. For me the person sitting on the left was a Google Digital Garage coach joining in our table (I think he was called Greg). Then we all had to read our each other's notes. 

We were told about brand tone and how it can be misinterpreted reading in a message. It always varies from country to country, how a tone can come across. This is true I remember when I went to Australia I booked the koala hold at Australia Zoo. I got an email and they started it off - CRIKEY. No one else will get away with this saying, as it was a Steve Irwin saying. 

Then we were asked if our business or brand was a celebrity, who would of be ? A few people said George Clooney. I said I would say the Olsen Twins because I've been to New York and Australia, like they have in their movies. 

Our next task we were asked to describe our brand in 3 words. There was a list on the board of words we could use or we could come up with our own words. When it came to my turn I was still staring at the board, trying to think of something relatable. I said I've got 2 words ,I would say fun and likeable.

We got told the average human attention is 8.25 seconds, so write for a goldfish something people will walk away and remember.

Then we were shown captions on the screen and to discuss within the group, how to rephrase it better to make it eye catching. It showed that using catchy captions are important to get people's attention. 

I don't know a better way to say this, but we got told this and there's no better way of putting it. 

Assume only half the people will read. 
Use benefits rather than features. 

At the end we were shown tools to improve writing for social media. I haven't had a chance to look at the websites myself, so am going to list them here to look back on. 

Smart phone and selfie stick

I have a smart phone, but I've never really been a fan of selfie sticks. I don't like when you see the stick in the photo. I personally think it ruins the photo.  

The writing for social media course is worth going to learn. It also helped we had a fun coach, who was fun and treated everyone the same. I never imagined myself talking in front of many people, but I done it today. 
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Saturday, 4 August 2018

1 Year Website Statistics

Hi everyone 1 year ago today I started You can read my very first blog post (A fresh start. It was a fresh start to a new blog, as my first blog I was a learner blogger and learnt about linking and other things to be better at blogging. I decided to start a fresh. I never really had a name for it (I chopped and changed names). A few months ago I came up with the name Danielle UK, so Danielle UK became official last week.

I tried raw cookie dough in Australia and it was so good. I've wanted to try make it, but whenever I googled cookie dough it only showed up cookie dough to make cookies. Then I realised you have to google, recipe for "raw cookie dough". I took ideas from the BBC Good Food website and added vanilla and caramel flavouring and chopped up Galaxy counters. 

I was impressed how it turned out and it actually tasted soo good. Do you like the 1 candle for Danielle UK ? haha

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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Google Digital Garage | Get Your Business Visible On Google

My friend was telling me about Google Digital Garage, that's opened in Edinburgh. If you've not heard about Google Digital Garage, it's a workshop that does programes on learning how to use the internet. I looked online, to see what programmes they had available. Am always curious, checking my blog statistics and the referring website. I find it really interesting how many views Google brings. I thought "Getting your business visible on Google" seemed the perfect programe to attend and learn more about. In the last month I've had 57 views from and 16 views from  

I headed along to Google Digital Garage, on Shandwick Place. I went in and said the programe I was attending, then I was told to take a seat. I was expectin the group to be really big, as it's new opened. The coach said there was meant to be 8 in our group, but it ended up just me and 2 others. 

It was interesting to find out about "test my site". Google can check the mobile speed, of your website. Also using the correct words and phrases, that's something I've become better at. When I first started of writing online I'd write "so this is this", now I try write more detail. I can say from watching my blog statistics I have seen the views from google double.   
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