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Saturday, 4 August 2018

1 Year Website Statistics

Hi everyone 1 year ago today I started You can read my very first blog post (A fresh start. It was a fresh start to a new blog, as my first blog I was a learner blogger and learnt about linking and other things to be better at blogging. I decided to start a fresh. I never really had a name for it (I chopped and changed names). A few months ago I came up with the name Danielle UK, so Danielle UK became official last week.

I tried raw cookie dough in Australia and it was so good. I've wanted to try make it, but whenever I googled cookie dough it only showed up cookie dough to make cookies. Then I realised you have to google, recipe for "raw cookie dough". I took ideas from the BBC Good Food website and added vanilla and caramel flavouring and chopped up Galaxy counters. 

I was impressed how it turned out and it actually tasted soo good. Do you like the 1 candle for Danielle UK ? haha

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