Travel Money Card Pros And Cons

I have always been against using a travel money card abroad, as I hear about charges. As I was going to be traveling Australia for over 3 weeks, the travel money card seemed the safest. 

I use currency compare websites, to see where's the best rate. It was really easy to buy currency and set up an account. However when my card came, I couldn't sign in. It was saying wrong username / email or password. I phoned up the travel money card help line and I was told I need to try different web browsers. It wasn't even letting me sign in with the app, never mind trying different web browsers. The app on my phone would have came handy, to see how much money I had left. I was able to check the money was added at a cash machine, before leaving the UK, but I didn't want to spend my holiday at cash machines. In the end I decided the easiest way around it was to use my card first. Then when it declined, I knew I spent all my money on my card and could use my cash.  

It was easy to use, than stand and count foreign currency.
I booked the Sydney Bridge Climb and Australia Zoo Koala hold online, using the travel money card. There was no charge as the websites are Australian Dollars. 
I was able to use the touch screens to pay at McDonalds, than stand and wait in a queue.   
Some shops it showed the total in my currency, so I knew how much I was paying.   

I wasn't able to access the website or app, so I couldn't see the balance.
The LEGO Store, UGG and Australia Zoo automatically changed to my currency, but in the top corner it said 2.5% charge. I asked if I could pay in Australian Dollars without the charge. They said travel cards automatically revert to your currency. I took my card out and said I'll just pay cash, than pay a charge. 
There's charges which will vary from card to card. My one there's a £3 charge for inactive months, after 12 months. So you're best to cancel it as soon as you get home. 

I still had money left on my card at the end of the holiday, so I came home with some cash. I only paid cash in the LEGO Store, UGG, Australia Zoo and a few other places. I would say it's good seeing how much you are paying in your own currency, but when there's a charge take your card out and say you'll pay cash. It will save 2.5% charge.  
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