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I was invited to Deep Sea World Influencer Evening. An Evening where we got to see the place, after opening hours. I haven't visited Deep Sea World, since I was a child. I think it was my Gran who took me, she always took me to all the tourist places. I vaguely remembered going round a tunnel, so I wanted to go back to see what it's like now. I knew Deep Sea World was just across the water from Edinburgh, but I didn't realise the long road you have to drive down to get there.   

I met with Hayley (HonestlyRussell) outside Deep Sea World, before heading in. We were given a guide and pass. Then were introduced to the Deep Sea World staff. I once went to Edinburgh Castle with a friend. Their sister works at the castle, so she walked us round sections at the castle talking about the history. I walked away saying wow how does she know and remember all that. The staff at Deep Sea World were exactly the same. It amazes me how they can remember soo much, but I guess you pick up bits and learn to say it in your own way. 

We were taken round on a tour of the place. There was about only about 20 of us, so it's always nice to get an opportunity to take photos when it's not overly crowded.

Then we headed for food. People might wonder with the photo of fish n chips. I honestly am not a person for fish. If it looks like it's been alive, I can't eat it. They made the fish n chips look abit more appealing, in the cute holder. 

Then we headed to see Bare Bones, a small tent beside Deep Sea World and is there over summer. Lastly we were taken to see the tunnel from above. It's amazing how different it looks, seeing the sharks from above.  

Even now my favourite bit at Deep Sea World, is the shark tunnel. It's quite fun going round on the moving walkway, watching the fish and sharks. You can see the Forth Bridges, from Deep Sea World. 
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