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So you all want to know if the Queensferry Crossing Experience was worth it ? A couple months ago I saw an advert to apply to walk across the Queensferry Crossing, Scotland's newest bridge. It was a once in a life time opportunity for 50,000 people, as there's no pedestrian access. I wasn't fussy, as a bridge is a bridge. You'll see the view when you drive over. The Queensferry Crossing actually opened for 2 days before the walk, so I've been over in a car already. I decided to apply anyway and I got an email saying I got picked. We got a personal invite in the post, alongside a lanyard and card with the details.

headed along to Aegon at Edinburgh Park, where we had to go through a security check before getting on the bus. They ask for a driving license or Passport, that matches the photo on your lanyard card photo. I showed my driving license, then got on the bus. The bus drove away with only about 20 people on, but there was plenty of buses lined up decorated with "Queensferry Crossing Experience". The lane for the Queensferry Crossing had cones blocking the lane, with a lane for the buses to go up and police standing at the entrance. It was when the bus went in the lane blocked off, it started to feel real we were one of the lucky ones picked to walk the bridge.

I got off the bus and there was a loud speaker saying "welcome to the Queensferry Crossing Experience a once in a life time opportunity". Then it was our time to start walking.  

It was a fun experience getting to walk along the road of the Queensferry Crossing, known you'll never get another chance (unless you do it illegally). I also got to try out my new camera (Canon G7)

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