Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mary-Kate and Ashley

It's fashion month happening in, New York, London, Milan and Paris. The best place to be right now for it, is none other than New York City. I happened to be in New York during fashion week last year and saw a few celebrities (Mary-Kate and Ashley and Victoria Beckham).  

I grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley. I loved seeing their mary-kateandasley fashion clothing line for kids, grow into making luxury brands Elizabeth and James and The Row. Also their beauty range the mary-kateandashley brand for kids, grow into Elizabeth and James a luxury beauty range.

I always said my dream was to meet Mary-Kate and Ashley. People would tell me forget about the Olsen twins, you'll never meet them. Those people looked up to celebs who weren't my thing. 

While I was over in New York last year, I headed for a walk to The Row store, on 71st Street. I spotted black cars and a few paparazzi outside. I instantly knew Mary-Kate and Ashley was inside. I stood outside and spotted Oliver Sarkozy (Mary-Kate Olsen's husband) step outside. I thought what if I didn't recognise Mary-Kate or Ashley in person ? Ashley stepped out first and spoke to the people who attended The Row event, before heading to the car. Then Mary-Kate came out and headed straight for the car waiting. 

Photos when I saw Mary-Kate and Ashley : 

Am glad I got the chance to see Mary-Kate and Ashley in person. People would tell me to give up and stop buying their products. Now I can say I saw them, in New York. 

Don't give up your dream of bumping into your favourite celebrity, it can happen.   
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