Making History | Crossing the Queensferry Crossing

The Queensferry Crossing opened on Wednesday and my Dad wanted to go for a drive across, so I headed along with him.  I think everyone had the same in mind, as the queues to the Queensferry Crossing were miles long. Once we were on the bridge it took about 5 mins to cross, then we went around the round about and back across.

Well it's a bridge, but it wasn't the same without the famous bump, bump, bump, when you drove across the Forth road bridge. I actually miss the bump, bump, bump, when you are driving and the bumps. Never mind everyone will be getting chucked back to the Forth road bridge over the weekend, for the events. Then chucked back to the Queensferry Crossing next week for the official opening. 

How pretty does the Forth road bridge look from this angle ? It's like Scotland's version of the San Francisco Golden Gate bridge haha.
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