Thursday, 8 November 2018

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar

 I love reading the media’s list of top beauty advent calendar for each year, but I do get caught up feeling like I need one. I bought the 2015 Jo Malone advent calendar, so the last couple years I bought different beauty advent calendars. I ended up with a load of mini lipsticks and eyeshadows. The mini makeup you get in beauty advent calendars come handy for traveling, but I don’t go through that much makeup. With Jo Malone, it’s all about smelly things. You can never go wrong with perfume. The second I heard Jo Malone was bringing out an advent calendar, I knew I wanted to buy one. I did grudge the price at £300, however I haven’t treated myself in a while. 

The advent calendar arrived the other day in the post and I couldn't wait to take it out the box, to have a look. I have seen so many reviews on them across the internet, but I plan to do it the traditional way. I plan to open one each day in December and share my review on each product. I will be going away in December, but I’ll try my best to stick to my plan. 

Products : 
Orange Bitters Cologne 9ml
Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense 9ml
Basil &Neroli Body & Hand Wash 15ml
English Pear & Freesia Cologne 9ml
Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense 9ml
Frosted Cherry & Clove Mini Candle 35g
Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne 9ml
Wild Bluebell Body Crème 15ml
Wood Sage Sea Salt Cologne 9ml
Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense 9ml
Amber & Lavender Bath Oil 15ml
Peony & Blush Suede Body Crème 50ml
English Oak & Redcurrant Cologne 9ml
Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense 9ml
Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 9ml
Incense & Embers Mini Candle 35g
Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne 9ml
Tuberose Angelica Body Crème 15ml
Grapefruit Cologne 9ml
Blackberry & Bay Bath Oil 15ml
Black Cedar Wood & Juniper Cologne 9ml
Orange Blossom Body and Handwash 15ml
Myrrh Cologne Intense 9ml
Pomegranate Noir Mini Candle 35g
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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

My Day Trip Bag

Backpacks I don’t know where to begin, they remind of going to school haha. However after buying a backpack for Australia, it was a lot easier than carrying a bag. If you noticed the last couple of days in Australia I swapped to my Michael Kors bag, as the Boohoo backpack zip broke. It was actually a new bag a bought for Australia (Good ol Boohoo), but only costed £16 and it done the job.) I have since been looking for a new backpack for day trips, I have planned. It’s always the same when you have nothing in mind, you see a lot of nice things. I couldn’t see one, that I had in mind. I wanted something plain black and large enough, if I bought anything.

My friend sent me a link to a Nike backpack on ASOS website. It was plain black and the Nike logo was small. It looked similar to what I had in mind, large enough to fit things inside (incase I buy anything) and plain black. Instead of searching round more shops, for a bag I didn’t know what I was looking for. I ordered with the Nike backpack on ASOS website. It was actually my first ASOS purchase. Am impressed how fast it was delivered, (it came in 2 days).

I was worried about the sizing of the bag (42 x 30 x 12), as I was taking it on Ryan Air. It is slightly bigger than Ryan Air currant personal bag size (35 x 20 x 20), however it fitted under the seat.
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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Bridge Climb Sydney

 I dreamed of climbing the Sydney Bridge, since watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's movie "Our Lips Are Sealed". I can't believe that movie came out 18 years ago ! I wasn't coming home without climbing the Sydney Bridge, so I booked online using my travel card. That was the one advantage, of having a travel card. If I used my bank card, there's a fee on transactions abroad.

I booked for 9am, so I got up early and stopped for a quick McDonald's on route to the Bidge Climb. I headed into the Bridge Climb and said my name. We were told to head up stair. Once everyone from our time slot arrived a team member from the Bridge Climb took us to a room, where she went over everything. We were given medical forms to fill out and we had do a breath test to counting to 5. Then we went had to get the famous Bridge Climb suit to put on. 

I took a photo of myself and asked someone in the group to take a photo of me. The changing rooms is a good chance to get some "personal" photos wearing the Bridge Climb suit, before putting your things in a locker. Then we had to walk through metal detectors.  

We then met our Bridge Climb guide, called Tom. He asked where everyone was from. I was the only Scottish person in the group. Everyone else was from England, Ireland, America and Australia. There was a lot of safety stuff we had to go through, before doing the climb. We had to put a harness on and attach it to the pole, then lean back. Once our harness was on, we got a shot at climbing a frame inside before doing the real thing. It must have took around an hour going through safety checks and getting ready.  

Then it was time for us to head out onto the bridge. I remember walking out thinking I've always dreamed of climbing the bridge and this is it. We had to connect our harness to the pole and follow Tom the guide. There was a long path we had to follow and a few ducking under poles, before getting to the stairs. We had headphones, so we could hear Tom speak. He said we didn't have to wear them, if we didn't want to. So I put mine round my neck, so I could enjoy the climb. One person was allowed up at a time, to climb the stairs. Tom headed up first and waited for us at the top, while another Bridge Climb guide waited at the bottom telling us when it was safe to go. I remember the Bridge Climb guide saying "so where are you from ?". I replied "Scotland".  He said he had family from Scotland and gave him his history on Scotland. Then it was my turn to climb the steps. There was a few sets of steps to climb. The next set was to the right abit, then the next set was to the left. I remember getting so far up and looking up, then down thinking am on my own. I loved reaching the last few steps on the ladder and burling round. It was like scene from "Our Lips Are Sealed" movie turning round seeing the view. 

Our first photo was at the start of the walk, once we reach the top of the ladder steps. Tom told us to do 3 different poses, although I find it hard to pose when it's someone you don't know. The climb wasn't scary. It was more or less a walk way path, built at the top of the bridge. We stopped at different sections for photos. Once we got to the top, we got a group photo and Tom chatted with everyone. Tom asked if anyone knew anyone famous who's climbed the bridge. I said Mary-Kate and Ashley. He named a lot of people I hadn't heard of, so I assume its celebrities in Australia. The only person I knew of, was Bindi Irwin. He said Bindi Irwin had been up recently, with her friends. Then he pointed over the water is to Manly And Bondi Beach is. He asked if anyone heard of the Bondi Rescue and said he was surprised it's showing international. Then we stood along the middle section and got to make a short video. If I was making my own video I would have probably said "hi everyone so am doing the Sydney Bridge Climb". As Tom the guide was filming, I was nervous what to say. I said I don't know what to say. He said say something like welcome to Sydney. So I stood randomly saying "Welcome to Sydney".

We walked back down the other side of the bridge. The walk is in a "U" shape.  Then we headed back down the ladder steps one at a time. It was the same guide as the person who told us when to go up. He said something about Scotland. I just heard the word "Scotland" and he laughed, so I laughed. Then it was my turn to climb down the steps. 

We headed back along the long path, back inside. Then we took our harness and suit off. Everyone was given a group photo and a certificate. The whole experience took about 2 and a half hours, but the Bridge Climb took around an hour and a half.

There's 3 different prices for the climb. Day Climb costs $303, Twilight Climb costs $368 and the Night Climb costs $263. I choose to do the Day Climb, as I wanted to see the views. Night you are seeing lights, but depends on your preference. The Sydney Bridge Climb is a once in a life time, so am glad I done it.  A lot of people get shocked when you tell them how much it costed, but it's not like you will do it again. My Australian family joked I could have climbed their house roof, for 100 dollars haha. 

The Bridge Climb gave me the photos, to write about my experience. You can buy your Bridge Climb photos, for $60.
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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Deep Sea World | Influencer Evening

I was invited to Deep Sea World Influencer Evening. An Evening where we got to see the place, after opening hours. I haven't visited Deep Sea World, since I was a child. I think it was my Gran who took me, she always took me to all the tourist places. I vaguely remembered going round a tunnel, so I wanted to go back to see what it's like now. I knew Deep Sea World was just across the water from Edinburgh, but I didn't realise the long road you have to drive down to get there.   

I met with Hayley (HonestlyRussell) outside Deep Sea World, before heading in. We were given a guide and pass. Then were introduced to the Deep Sea World staff. I once went to Edinburgh Castle with a friend. Their sister works at the castle, so she walked us round sections at the castle talking about the history. I walked away saying wow how does she know and remember all that. The staff at Deep Sea World were exactly the same. It amazes me how they can remember soo much, but I guess you pick up bits and learn to say it in your own way. 

We were taken round on a tour of the place. There was about only about 20 of us, so it's always nice to get an opportunity to take photos when it's not overly crowded.

Then we headed for food. People might wonder with the photo of fish n chips. I honestly am not a person for fish. If it looks like it's been alive, I can't eat it. They made the fish n chips look abit more appealing, in the cute holder. 

Then we headed to see Bare Bones, a small tent beside Deep Sea World and is there over summer. Lastly we were taken to see the tunnel from above. It's amazing how different it looks, seeing the sharks from above.  

Even now my favourite bit at Deep Sea World, is the shark tunnel. It's quite fun going round on the moving walkway, watching the fish and sharks. You can see the Forth Bridges, from Deep Sea World. 
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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

I picked up the Glossier priming moisturizer, at the Glossier Showroom in New York last year. I realised I hadn't used any of my Glossier products, so I took them on my travels to Australia. I actually thought the dry perfume would be perfect for the long travel, so I ordered that on the Glossier website before heading. It was nice having a perfume after being stuck on a plane, but I got stopped at every airport airport because of it haha.    

So my thoughts on the Glossier priming moisturizer ? I used Glossier priming moisturizer, before putting on my makeup. The first few times I squeezed a small amount on the back of my hand and put it on face. I was using far too much. It felt like I was wearing a face mask. You couldn't say my face wasn't mouistorised haha. It wasn't too bad with the Australian heat, I waited around 5 mins for it to dry. Then I was able to apply my makeup.  

I had a couple morning flights in Australia and didn't want to apply makeup and apply makeup again when I landed. So I just applied the Glossier priming moisturizer before heading to the airport.  Sometimes I feel I don't feel good without makeup. Just applying the Glossier priming moisturizer my skin looked better. I used it over 3 weeks and there's more than half the tube left. I honestly thought £18 was quite expensive for it, but after using it am glad I bought it.    
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Monday, 6 August 2018

Travel Money Card Pros And Cons

I have always been against using a travel money card abroad, as I hear about charges. As I was going to be traveling Australia for over 3 weeks, the travel money card seemed the safest. 

I use currency compare websites, to see where's the best rate. It was really easy to buy currency and set up an account. However when my card came, I couldn't sign in. It was saying wrong username / email or password. I phoned up the travel money card help line and I was told I need to try different web browsers. It wasn't even letting me sign in with the app, never mind trying different web browsers. The app on my phone would have came handy, to see how much money I had left. I was able to check the money was added at a cash machine, before leaving the UK, but I didn't want to spend my holiday at cash machines. In the end I decided the easiest way around it was to use my card first. Then when it declined, I knew I spent all my money on my card and could use my cash.  

It was easy to use, than stand and count foreign currency.
I booked the Sydney Bridge Climb and Australia Zoo Koala hold online, using the travel money card. There was no charge as the websites are Australian Dollars. 
I was able to use the touch screens to pay at McDonalds, than stand and wait in a queue.   
Some shops it showed the total in my currency, so I knew how much I was paying.   

I wasn't able to access the website or app, so I couldn't see the balance.
The LEGO Store, UGG and Australia Zoo automatically changed to my currency, but in the top corner it said 2.5% charge. I asked if I could pay in Australian Dollars without the charge. They said travel cards automatically revert to your currency. I took my card out and said I'll just pay cash, than pay a charge. 
There's charges which will vary from card to card. My one there's a £3 charge for inactive months, after 12 months. So you're best to cancel it as soon as you get home. 

I still had money left on my card at the end of the holiday, so I came home with some cash. I only paid cash in the LEGO Store, UGG, Australia Zoo and a few other places. I would say it's good seeing how much you are paying in your own currency, but when there's a charge take your card out and say you'll pay cash. It will save 2.5% charge.  
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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Google Digital Garage | Writing For Social Media

I wrote about Google Digital Garage, a couple of weeks back. A course called "Get Your Business Visible On Google". It was tips on how to get your website seen online. I thought the course is good for a beginner. When I first started making websites, this course would have helped me. I knew a lot of the course already, except where you can test your website performance. 

I looked online at the other courses to choose from and saw "Writing For Social Media". I thought "Writing For Social Media" would be good, as having a website is part of the social media world. I clicked to book the course and as I already signed up to Google Digital Garage, it was a simple 1 click. I entered my email address to sign in and clicked book.

Our Google coach was called Ryan. He was so confident, funny and didn't make anyone feel out of place. He kept repeating his name, spelling it saying it's R-Y-A-N telling everyone to give good feedback haha. We were sat in tables of around 4 people to a table. There was about 20 of us in total, which was different to the last course. The other course, it was only me and 2 others.   

The first task we were asked to describe ourselves in a tweet and pass it to the person on the left. There was sticky notes and pens for everyone to note down things. I used to get lost for words how to describe myself. I mean how do we describe ourself ? It's nice when people compliment us, but I don't really look at the good things about me. Instead this time I knew I was at the course because my blog. The first things shot to my mind was my name, blogger and Edinburgh, where I live. I wrote down Danielle, Blogger, Edinburgh. For me the person sitting on the left was a Google Digital Garage coach joining in our table (I think he was called Greg). Then we all had to read our each other's notes. 

We were told about brand tone and how it can be misinterpreted reading in a message. It always varies from country to country, how a tone can come across. This is true I remember when I went to Australia I booked the koala hold at Australia Zoo. I got an email and they started it off - CRIKEY. No one else will get away with this saying, as it was a Steve Irwin saying. 

Then we were asked if our business or brand was a celebrity, who would of be ? A few people said George Clooney. I said I would say the Olsen Twins because I've been to New York and Australia, like they have in their movies. 

Our next task we were asked to describe our brand in 3 words. There was a list on the board of words we could use or we could come up with our own words. When it came to my turn I was still staring at the board, trying to think of something relatable. I said I've got 2 words ,I would say fun and likeable.

We got told the average human attention is 8.25 seconds, so write for a goldfish something people will walk away and remember.

Then we were shown captions on the screen and to discuss within the group, how to rephrase it better to make it eye catching. It showed that using catchy captions are important to get people's attention. 

I don't know a better way to say this, but we got told this and there's no better way of putting it. 

Assume only half the people will read. 
Use benefits rather than features. 

At the end we were shown tools to improve writing for social media. I haven't had a chance to look at the websites myself, so am going to list them here to look back on. 

Smart phone and selfie stick

I have a smart phone, but I've never really been a fan of selfie sticks. I don't like when you see the stick in the photo. I personally think it ruins the photo.  

The writing for social media course is worth going to learn. It also helped we had a fun coach, who was fun and treated everyone the same. I never imagined myself talking in front of many people, but I done it today. 
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